Lost by Motionhouse & Memories of Suburbia by Will Dickie

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Lost by Motionhouse & Memories of Suburbia by Will Dickie 

A dance double bill

Lost is a male/female duet exploring the limits of what it is to be both physically and emotionally lost. The visceral and thought-provoking choreography combines Motionhouse’s characteristic contact work, complex lifts and athletic precision with emotionally charged fluidity. Lost is an intimate, dramatic and passionate work.


The second half of this dance double bill is Will Dickie’s mesmerising one-man show Memories of Suburbia:

will-dickie-450x310px“In the last years of her life Nan and I spoke about our home, Hampton – a town in deepest suburbia. She said people move here to start a family or meet their maker.

I imagine this setting as a threshold. At night I danced in the shadows cast by Hampton’s well organised street lights, searching for something beneath the suburb’s comfort and shelter.

As I drifted outside, Nan was indoors, drifting through the thoughts and feelings of her inner space. This work weaves those two movements together, invoking Hampton’s quiet mood and channeling the emotions found there.”

To watch Memories of Suburbia Trailer Video – click HERE

A beautifully wistful, tender solo Glasgow Herald

Developed at Chisenhale Dance Space, with lighting design by Martin Langthorne

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